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Enjoy great holidays in the Greek islands !

Greece is a fantastic place for holidays in the islands, by the number of its islands as much as by their diversity, their climate or their history: 10.000 miles of coasts, 6000 islands and islets, 227 inhabited islands!

If you spend two days on each inhabited island, even at a rate of 30 days holidays per year, it would take you 15 years  without turning over in the same island!

kaiki Greek cruises You can hire our yacht IRINA with crew from any Greek harbour, and so the arrival (from Mykonos is cheaper as it is the yacht base).
As you choose also the duration of your cruises,
you understand that EVERYTHING  is possible.

You can also hire privately our yacht ANATOLIE, just check her availability, and the sailing areas (depending of the months).
KAIKI islands holidays
archipelago in GREECE
The main archipelagos for islands holiday

To choose an archipelago could be your first step:

CYCLADES ITINERARY islands holiday Cyclades islands holidays
Better in May, June, September and October
In this Archipelago, you will find islands of a wild and arid beauty.
Mykonos, certainly very touristic, but superb village…
Delos, Apollon island, exceptional ancient site, open sky museum;
Amorgos, the island of “Deep Blue” movie;
Syros, astonishing capital of Cyclades;
Milos, the paradise of coves;
Santorini, spectacular panoramas (but far and very touristic, and no harbour);

Captain's advice :
You can start your cruise from Kea (the first Cyclades island easy to reach from Athens Airport), or leave from Syros in the center of Cyclades.

Do not try to visit all Cyclades on the same cruise, or you will need at least 3 weeks.

You prefer to avoid touristic places? Choose the West, from Kythnos to Milos, or the South-east (Small Cyclades, Amorgos).
Parties and popular beaches are in Mykonos, Ios and Paros.
Better in June, July and August
Those pines covered islands (the islands of the movie "Mamma mia" with Meryl Streep) present a green different face from arid Cyclades.
In Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros, one can associate the large island of Evia and spots of Pelion (Trikeri).
There is a natural reserve to visit in the North Sporades.

Captain's advice :

If you have only one week, it will be necessary to choose a “one way” or hire our other yacht the ANATOLIE in this area in July and August.
Starting from Chalkis (1hour of Athens airport) for 10 days in Sporades is a good option 
Over 2 weeks, you will be able to make the “large turn” (Evia and Sporades) and to start from a "base port" (Lavrion/Athens or Syros), without extra-charge even in June or September.
Spend one night on anchorage on the small island of “Panagia”, with its great natural port.
Less wind than in Cyclades. Good to visit from June to August, even September. Convenient for a quite cruise with children.
SARONIC HYDRA SPETSE Saronic islands holidays
Hydra, Egine, Poros, Spetses… Starting from the port of Lavrion/Athens, by Sounion Cape.
One can associate with it the east coast of the Peloponnese, Nafplion, Monenvassia and Kythira. Less wind than in Cyclades.

Captain's advice :
In July and August, it is difficult to find room in the ports, because of the proximity of Athens.
SARONIC ISLANDS islands holiday
IONIAN ISLANDS GREECE Ionian islands holidays
Ithaka, Zakynthos, Kephalonia, Lefkada, Paxos and Antipaxos, Corfou.
Green islands with white sand beaches. Less windy than Cyclades.
Perfect until August (Risk of rain from September).

Two last advices for your islands holidays :
- If you can, choose a duration of ten days!
- Do not fix too rigidly your project of cruise, one of the pleasures of sailing is also to listen to the wind ;-)

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